Union Station Redevelopment Project

The District’s Greatest Economic and Transportation Opportunity

Our history. Our legacy.

The Federal City Council has a rich history of supporting projects that require complex cross-sector and cross-jurisdictional collaboration, especially those that involve collaboration between the federal and local government, like Union Station.

As an organization that was instrumental in calling for the redevelopment of the station in the 1980s, and with one of five board seats on the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (USRC), the FC2 feels both a sense of organizational ownership and pride for the station, and we are deeply committed to our role in ensuring the project’s success.

The Alliance is a group of individuals and organizations from across the region who are committed to the restoration of Washington Union Station. The Alliance is led by former Secretaries of Transportation who believe that a significant federal investment in the project can jump-start the renovation of the Nation’s Station.

Add your voice to the loud chorus of supporters who are interested in seeing the next-century transformation of Washington Union Station.

Photo Credit: Akridge and Shalom Baranes Associates

2020 Station Urban Design Concept

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