Transportation and Infrastructure

A Vital Infrastructure System

Over the past two decades, significant investment and development in D.C. has resulted in increased employment, adding new drivers, commuters, for-hire car services and Metro passengers to the transportation networks feeding the city. This growth has put pressure on D.C.’s critical transportation and infrastructure networks.

A competitive advantage.

To remain globally competitive, D.C. must coordinate, plan and execute improvements to its transportation and infrastructure networks to respond to the short- and long-term needs of the area. The FC2 is committed to implementing solutions and facilitating support for major infrastructure projects, as well as investigating other innovative solutions.

FC2 leadership: catalyzing sustainable infrastructure investment.

The FC2 advocates for strategic infrastructure investments and policies that bolster the District and the region’s competitive advantage, as well as facilitating impactful public-private infrastructure projects in the metropolitan region. Through these investments and efforts, the FC2 seeks to model a commitment to responsible stewardship of D.C.’s infrastructure and transportation networks.

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More information is available about the FC2’s Transportation and Infrastructure efforts in our FC2 newsletters and Catalyst magazines.