Our History

Federal City Council Presidents


George A. Garrett

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland


William C. Foster

Former Director United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; Former Under Secretary of Commerce; Former Deputy Secretary of Defense


Gordon Gray

Former Secretary of the Army; Former Assistant Secretary of Defense


William P. Rogers

Former Secretary of State; Former Attorney General of the United States


Stephen Ailes

Former Secretary of the Army


George C. McGhee

Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs; Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany & Turkey


Sol M. Linowitz

Former Chairman, Xerox Corporation; Former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States


James T. Lynn

Former Director of the Office of Management & Budget; Former Secretary of House & Urban Development; Former Under Secretary of Commerce


Harry McPherson

Former Assistant Secretary of State; Former Counsel to the President of the United States


James R. Jones

Former Chairman, American Stock Exchange; Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico; Former White House Chief of Staff


Ann Korologos

Former Secretary of Labor; Former Under Secretary of the Interior


Thomas S. Foley

Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan; Former Speaker of the House


Robert J. Dole

Former Senate Majority Leader


Fred Thompson

Former U.S. Senator


Frank Keating

Former Governor of Oklahoma


Thomas M. Davis

Former U.S. Congressmember

Federal City Council Chairmen


Francis G. Addison Jr

Former President and Chairman of the Board of Security Bank


George A. Garrett

Former Washington Manager, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Beane


Lewellyn A. Jennings

Former Chairman, The Riggs National Bank


Donald S. Bittinger

Former Chairman, Washington Gas Light Company


Vincent C. Burke Jr

Former Chairman, The Riggs National Bank


W. Reid Thompson

Former Chairman, Potomac Electric Power Company


Austin H. Kiplinger

Chairman, The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.


Terrence C. Golden

Chairman & CEO, Bailey Capital Corporation


Linda Rabbitt

Chairman & CEO, Rand Construction


Robert J. Flanangan

President, Clark Enterprises and ENF Investments


W. Edward Walter

Global CEO, Urban Land Institute

Organizations Activated by FC2

Promoting big ideas while keeping its own operations small has been a way of life for the FC2. Over the years, the FC2 has activated a number of organizations that have gone on to become independent entities. Five are highlighted here:

D.C. Policy Center (Launched 2016)

The D.C. Policy Center is a non-partisan, independent research center committed to advancing policies for a strong and vibrant D.C. economy. It informs policy-making by offering data and analyses on the District’s economy and demography. Through rigorous, evidence-based research, and in collaboration with a wide array of stakeholders, the D.C. Policy Center offers practical policy solutions for elected officials and civic leaders.

Anacostia Waterfront Trust (Launched 2015)

The Anacostia Waterfront Trust promotes the creation of a world-class Anacostia River waterfront that enhances equity, improves resilience and unites the District of Columbia. The Trust works with partners to improve the water, land and communities of the Anacostia River corridor.

Washington DC Police Foundation (Launched 2000)

The Washington DC Police Foundation supplements the efforts of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to help make the nation’s capital a safer place to live, work and visit. The Foundation improves neighborhood safety across the city by expanding public safety awareness and advancing public safety initiatives. The Washington DC Police Foundation also supports the Chief of Police to fund youth initiatives throughout the District of Columbia.

Economic Club of Washington (Launched 1986)

The Economic Club of Washington (ECW) provides a forum for area business leaders to broaden their sphere of influence through sharing, learning, debating and coalescing around pressing economic issues. The ECW has grown to more than 500 members through its energetic leadership.

Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (Launched 1983)

The Union Station Redevelopment Corporation is a nonprofit organization that has three central objectives: to preserve and restore Union Station’s historic and architectural significance, to maintain the station’s long-term function as a multimodal transportation center, and to enhance the retail and amenities within the station. The FC2 maintains a seat on its board.