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Get a front-row seat to our District Strong series with thought-provoking panelists. View recordings of topical discussions with experts about challenges and opportunities in DC.


FC2 has built a culture of innovation and collaboration in responding to the District’s greatest challenges. We believe in acting collectively, encouraged by the voices and actions of those who care about the District. In response to the pandemic, we introduced District Strong, a conversation series that brought together influential civic leaders and played a bridging role between government and business executives.

District Strong Webinars are virtual forums featuring prominent government leaders, policymakers, opinion shapers, scholars and business executives and examine a wide range of DC programs, policies and issues. District Strong webinars became and continue to be a lifeline for vital information and free-wheeling conversations about the state of the District during the post-pandemic recovery.

“District Strong really gives you the best window on what is happening in the city. We all see our little corner of the world and what we do. District Strong allows you to see what’s happening elsewhere in the city, and to learn what people are doing in other sectors and wards – things we should know about. ”

John D. Hagner, FC2 Trustee, and Retired Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP


To ensure the longevity and continued organizational impact, FC2 will:

  • Be the preeminent point of access to information and decision-makers for current and prospective members;
  • Synthesize information and lead the development of an effective long-term recovery plan on behalf of the business community; and
  • Strengthen the relationships and value of FC2’s work to local elected officials.

The District Strong portfolio of events and programs continues to reap the full potential of FC2’s important thought leadership and outreach efforts to its Trustees and the greater community. It enhances our long history of finding and implementing solutions, delivering tangible results and developing a more knowledgeable, aligned and purpose-driven community

How you can get involved

Please reach out to Melissa Crawford at for more information about FC2 membership and how you can get involved with District Strong.

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