The Coronavirus outbreak has become a critical event that will define the direct quality of people’s lives at the most fundamental level – their health, their sense of belonging, their ability to support themselves and their families with life’s basics. It is in our organization’s DNA to step up and be there for the city precisely when the need is greatest.

Our actions today will shape the city that we become based on how well we take care of each other and recover stronger. FC2 is uniquely positioned to work with city leaders to identify the best response and recovery effort and to ensure that we come out of this crisis stronger than ever before.


It is evident that we are in a critical moment to impact the lasting change of the district. FC2 will ensure we emerge a stronger DC through immediate- and long-term leadership on the City’s coronavirus response.

To ensure the longevity and continued organizational impact, FC2 will:

  • Be the preeminent point of access to information and decision-makers for current and prospective members;
  • Synthesize information and lead the development of an effective response strategy on behalf of the business community; and
  • Strengthen the relationships and value of FC2’s work to local elected officials.


FC2’s role will be to

  1. Convene stakeholders
  2. Synthesize information
  3. Support the development of the District’s long-term recovery plan

Communication Channels

Federal City Council Trustees will:

  • be invited to the ongoing District Strong conversations;
  • receive regular coronavirus email updates;
  • be updated regularly through our social media channels;
  • be invited to follow Tony on his new blog, which focuses on the post-pandemic recovery; and
  • have the opportunity to collaborate with other business leaders in the face of  this unprecedented time.


How you can get involved

Please reach out to Melissa Crawford at for more information about FC2 membership and how you can get involved with District Strong.

Learn More about District Strong

More information is available about District Strong. Please email