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Transportation & Infrastructure

Over the past two decades, significant investment and development downtown has resulted in increased employment, which in turn has added new drivers, bus commuters, and Metro passengers to the transportation network feeding the downtown core. As the economy improves and new offices open and downtown neighborhoods see reinvestment, the pressure on the downtown transportation network will increase, creating problems in gaining access to the District.  These problems with traffic congestion and infrastructure deterioration can threaten future economic growth. For these reasons,FC2 will advocate for strategic infrastructure investments and policies that will bolster the District (and the region’s) competitive advantage.

Like many American cities, DC has struggled to adequately address the growing need to invest in its infrastructure. As the capacity of conventional, federally-supported mechanisms for infrastructure investment have become insufficient, local governments have sought new ways to meet growing infrastructure needs. With DC’s thriving economy and impressive urban transformation, long-term investments to renew and expand economic and social infrastructure will play a critical role in the District’s economic future and livability.

A function of DC’s strong economy is consistent ranking among the most congested urban areas in the country. To remain globally competitive, DC must coordinate, plan, and execute improvements to the transportation network in order to respond to the short-term and long-term needs of the area. FC2 will be an advocate for technological improvements to regional traffic signal system operations, a well and targeted support for major transportation projects.