Washington DC Police Foundation: Supporting Emergency Responders

While many of us are at home safely quarantined, emergency responders are still out in the field, putting themselves at a higher risk of infection.

The Washington DC Police Foundation, which is a partner organization with the FC2 and headed by Patrick Burke, has been working in hyper drive to give police officers and their families extra support during this time. In partnership with organizations such as the World Central Food Kitchen, Feed the Fight DC, Walmart and Starbucks, the DC Police Foundation has coordinated the delivery of about 8,000 meals a week to emergency responders as well other families in need in the District.

The DC Police Foundation’s community outreach work, particularly with youth, has continued despite the pandemic. In normal times, it would be organizing youth camps, neighborhood BBQs or police Side by Side Band performances—all to build positive relationships in the community.

Now everything’s been moved online or is being done through creative social distancing workarounds. The DC Police Foundation set up an online portal where police officer liaisons can share and engage with young people in a variety of activities, including exercise programs, craft projects and virtual tours of museums or zoos. Police have also been doing drive by check-ins on kids and celebrating birthdays with a police car brigade.