Resilience Efforts Gain Traction

DC is taking climate change—and shoring up its resilience—seriously.

Motivated by these concerns, Federal City Council (FC2) Trustees encouraged the District of Columbia to put resilience on its agenda by becoming part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program. Our Trustees have advised DC along the way as it hired a Chief Resilience Officer and developed its first resilience strategy. Our COO Kevin Clinton spent the last year as the Chair of DC’s Commission on Climate Change and Resiliency. He testified in front of the DC Council last week about the Commission’s accomplishments to date and what’s to come in the following year.

The Commission spent the year advising the city on its climate, clean energy and resilience plans. It drew from a wide range of expertise, from universities to national advocacy groups and utilities. Next year the Commission will have more dedicated staff and will provide more concrete recommendations about, for example, budget priorities.

FC2 is proud to be engaged in the national conversation around resilience. We are connecting the local DC community to thought leadership across the country. And we have found that the principles behind smart resilience policy line up with FC2 values—that holistic, long-term planning and cross-sector collaboration is the key to making the city a better place.