Marty Rodgers Appointed as FC2 Chair

Marty Rodgers (Accenture) will make support for youth including education, workforce development and an inclusive downtown recovery his top priorities as he assumes the role of FC2 Chair.

The Federal City Council, a catalyst for positive change in the District, is pleased to announce Marty Rodgers, Accenture market unit leader for the US South, as the newly appointed FC2 Chair.  He succeeds Debby Ratner Salzberg who served in the role for the last three years.

Marty is poised to drive transformative initiatives in three critical areas: education and youth support; workforce development; and an inclusive downtown recovery.

Building on the foundation of the Federal City Council’s long-standing support for investments and improvements in DC’s education system, Marty recognizes the important role that the civic community must play in supporting young people by providing them with work-based learning and employment opportunities and demanding excellence from the systems that support and educate them.

Marty is passionate about cultivating a robust and inclusive workforce that thrives on diversity and continuous learning. He hopes to expand apprenticeship programs and forge partnerships with local businesses to be active drivers of the workforce development system.  He understands the importance of a vibrant commercial core for the city and the entire regional economy. FC2’s recent Quarterly meeting was held at Accenture’s office in the heart of downtown, signifying a deep, long-term commitment to the local economy. Through collaboration among local businesses, residents, and civic organizations, he envisions a dynamic and thriving downtown that serves as a hub for commerce, culture, and community.

From his time at Accenture, Marty brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in driving positive change. His appointment as FC2 Chair reflects our organization’s commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity and sustainable growth.