Link to the potential Opportunity Zones in D.C. and in the U.S.

Created in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Opportunity Zones are designed to drive long-term capital into low-income communities across the nation, using tax incentives to encourage private investment into designated census tracts through privately- or publicly-managed investment funds. In early 2018, governors nominated Opportunity Zones in each state.  By June, Treasury had approved Opportunity Zones in all 50 states, five territories, and Washington, D.C. Learn more.

The Opportunity360 team created the Opportunity Zone Explorer below to help those interested in opportunity zones to determine which tracts in their state or region have been designated and how they relate to other federal programs and designations. In addition, users can filter tracts using the Opportunity360 Outcome Indices to see how people living in these tracts are faring across our five outcome dimensions and explore tracts that were eligible but not designated by the states as Opportunity Zones.

  • Use the search box to locate a county, city or ZIP code to see Opportunity Zones in areas that matter to you
  • Filter Opportunity Zones by location, federal place-based programs and the Opportunity360 Outcome Indices
  • Mouse over a tract to view additional details and a link to a 25 page Opportunity360 Measurement Report providing details about the tract
  • Use the white arrow to see how characteristics of Opportunity Zones in each state compare to the rest of the state.

More information on using this tool.


This tool is under active development by the Opportunity360 team, and new features and data will be added as they become available.

Support for this tool was generously provided by The Kresge Foundation.