How Federal City Council Membership Works

The Federal City Council is powered by its Trustees. They are leaders at the top of their professions—executives who focus their talents on challenges facing our city. The FC2 is a platform that allows Trustees to work with their peers to make the city a better place. The FC2, in other words, is a force multiplier.

Trustees support the FC2’s efforts in many ways. Some do so with their endorsement and their dues, which is wonderful. Others are called upon periodically to reach out to their networks to help with a particular project. Then others are more involved on an ongoing basis, crafting policy ideas, pushing forward projects or serving on committees. However Trustees choose to participate, our FC2 staff make good use of their valuable time and resources.

The Washington Housing Initiative (WHI) is a great example of a Trustee-led policy initiative. The WHI will use socially conscious private capital to preserve and build workforce housing for middle-income workers in high-amenity areas. The idea was hatched by Trustees, and the FC2 convened policymakers, nonprofit leaders and real estate practitioners to help move the project along. The nonprofit wing of the WHI—called the Washington Housing Conservancy—is housed at the FC2. In its first year, the WHI has already received millions in commitments and could begin assembling property this year.

FC2 membership is limited to 250 Trustees. The membership is representative of the diverse business and civic leadership of the metropolitan region. In keeping with FC2’s mission, the membership process emphasizes selectivity, maintaining a balance between industries, geography and experience.

Membership is by invitation only, however, any Trustee may nominate a potential candidate for consideration. The FC2 Membership Committee, led by Trustees Margaret Dunning and Barbara Mullenex, manages the process. Through interviews with staff and current Trustees, selection takes place without regard to gender, race, religion or age.