FC2 responds to National Park Service’s request for guidance in advance of RFP

In October 2018, the National Park Service (NPS) issued a Request for Information (RFI) to obtain guidance from parties interested in entering into a long-term lease to upgrade and operate the three NPS-owned recreational facilities located in the District of Columbia—East Potomac Golf Course, Langston Golf Course, and Rock Creek Golf Course, and the tennis center at East Potomac Park—and to use this guidance to shape a soon-to-be-released RFP for the lease.

As part of its ongoing commitment to fulfilling the mission of the Langston Initiative, this month the FC2 submitted formal recommendations through the RFI process. Among other recommendations, the selected party, we believe, should be committed to improving and operating all four facilities and should do so in a way that ensures ongoing affordability and accessibility for future patrons.

We look forward to submitting a full proposal when the formal application, or RFP, is released. FC2 has formed the nonprofit Langston Initiative Partners (LIP) to carry out the mission of the Langston Initiative and we are confident that LIP, in partnership with NPS and others, can return the facilities to their former glory. A social enterprise can ensure that private incentives are balanced with public purpose.