WMATA’s Long-Term Sustainability and Success

“To achieve needed reform, rather than to keep throwing good money after bad, additional future stopgap funding should be tied to “a binding commitment of establishing and empowering an independent entity, tasked with helping solve WMATA’s complex issues.”
-Anthony A. Williams, CEO and Executive Director of the Federal City Council, and Mayor of the District of Columbia from 1999-2007.

Last week, Tony Williams sent a letter and fact sheet to regional leaders regarding the long-term sustainability and success of WMATA. The letter emphasizes the critical need for our region’s leaders to tie any additional funding for WMATA in FY25 and beyond to an independent, fully-resourced entity tasked with analyzing, determining and implementing full-scale funding, operational and governance reform to set WMATA on the right course for the next 50 years of success. The letter underscores FC2’s longstanding position that no amount of funding alone will save WMATA and highlights the necessity for comprehensive reform. To be of better service to our community, Metro must be reformed, and everything must be on the table.

For media inquiries please contact Ally Schultz, FC2’s Communications Associate, at aschultz@federalcitycouncil.org

Read the Washington Business Journal’s 2/29/24 article on the letter here.