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What We Do

The FCC focuses the creativity, talents and resources of the Washington, D.C. area’s business and professional community on major challenges and opportunities facing the District.  The Council works without publicity, reflecting its emphasis on civic improvement rather than on self-promotion.  Although the Council acts expeditiously and responds immediately to urgent needs, it also commits itself for the long term, recognizing that fundamental structural improvements in the District of Columbia’s economic, physical, educational, and social welfare systems require years of dedicated, untiring, and relentless work.

"The strength of the Council, apart from its reputation, rests in its ability to apply the collective thinking and talents of its members to problems affecting the community."
-Council President Stephen Ailes, 1966

Why the FCC is Needed

Although it works closely with stakeholders across the city such as the Greater Washington Board of Trade and the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce, the mission and approach of the Federal City Council is unique. As the pre-eminent business and civic organization focused exclusively on helping the District, the FCC seeks to work with and support local leaders by finding alignment with interests of the federal government (both executive and legislative branches) and with concerns of civic and business leaders. The Council seeks to strengthen the economic vitality and livability of the entire Washington region through a singular focus on the betterment of the city at the region’s core.

Furthermore, the Council does not promote a “business” agenda; rather, it focuses on civic improvement. Current projects include sustaining public education reform, increasing infrastructure investment, improving transportation mobility in the District, reducing unemployment through job creation and job readiness, ensuring the District’s fiscal stability and integrity, and supporting the growth of the District’s tourism economy.