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A function of DC’s strong economy is consistent ranking among the most congested urban areas in the country. To remain globally competitive, DC must coordinate, plan, and execute improvements to the transportation network in order to respond to the short-term and long-term needs of the area. FC2 will be an advocate for technological improvements to regional traffic signal system operations, a well and targeted support for major transportation projects. 

The activities of this committee are led by FCC trustees Bill Sudow, Partner at Sudow Kohlhagen LLP, Debbie Ratner Salzberg, President of Forest City Washington, Inc, and Jair Lynch, President and CEO of Jair Lynch Development Partners.


The residents and workers of the District of Columbia count on Metro. Five hundred thousand commuters use it every day to get to and from work including 40 percent of federal workers. Metro helps reduce regional traffic congestion by 20 percent, removing over a million automobile trips per day off of our roads.  It is the cornerstone of the operation and growth of the Washington Metropolitan region. The FC2’s history with WMATA goes as far back as the original planning for the system. Recently, FC2 launched an initiative to support a targeted approach to reform Metro. The purpose of this initiative is to execute a thought leadership effort with the goal of conditioning Metro stakeholders with thoughtful rationale and ideas for how to address the complex challenges beleaguering WMATA. Learn more about FC2’s Metro Reform Initiative here.