About the Federal City Council

Established in 1954, the Federal City Council (FC2 or "Council") is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the improvement of the District of Columbia.  Since its founding, the FC2 has a rich history of achievement, having played a critical role in the creation of Metro, the renovation of Union Station, the establishment of the Verizon Center, and the redevelopment of Pennsylvania Avenue. Comprised of the area’s top business, professional, education and civic leaders, the Council works with the District and federal governments to develop and implement solutions to important community problems. By serving as a trusted partner for civic improvement, and by bringing to bear the knowledge, experience, access, and resources of its members, the Council plays a critical role in the advancement of the District of Columbia.  

FC2 News

A deep dive into Washington, D.C., housing policy at a Federal City Council (FC2) Trustee Breakfast in April revealed that the solutions to D.C.’s affordable housing crunch are going to come through broad and thoughtful collaboration among the private, public and nonprofit sectors. 

And the FC2, in partnership with JBG SMITH, is exhibiting that type of collaboration. For the first time, Trustees heard much of the details about the Washington Housing Initiative at the breakfast, which was held at the PNC Bank headquarters.

With the District, Maryland and Virginia having sanctioned dedicated new funding for Metro, the Federal City Council (FC2) shifts its attention to securing necessary reforms in governance to ensure Metro’s long-term sustainability.