Georgetown to Metrorail Transit Enhancement Study

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Georgetown to Metrorail Transit Enhancement Study

Help us improve transit to Georgetown!

The Federal City Council, District Department of Transportation (DDOT), the Georgetown Business Improvement District (Georgetown BID), and Georgetown University have formed a partnership to advance planning for improved transit between Georgetown and Metrorail. This $250,000 initial environmental planning effort kicked off in June, 2021 and will last one year. The project is funded by the District of Columbia, and the project work is being managed by the Federal City Council.

Georgetown is one of the region’s largest employment centers without convenient metro access. For many residents in the District and region, the lack of direct, frequent, and rapid transit service to Georgetown makes the opportunities and amenities – be they employment, education, or entertainment – out of reach. For those who travel to and from Georgetown today, there are a host of challenges that make the trip unpredictable, unpleasant, and expensive. Improving transit access from the metrorail system to Georgetown may be a critical tool to enhance access to good jobs, education, health services, hospitality, retail and more for the District and region’s residents.

The purpose of this one-year project is to identify a preliminary range of alternatives to provide direct, frequent, rapid transit between the Metrorail System and Georgetown prior to the publication of a Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (NOI) to formally begin the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, which will include significant opportunities for public involvement and feedback. The focus of this phase will be on refining the project’s Purpose and Need, developing draft alternatives for later public review, and identifying resource impact areas. The preliminary range of alternatives will be developed and screened to address the Purpose and Need, and may include transit solutions like Bus Rapid Transit, a gondola system, and multimodal connections.

You can see more project details here.

We need your input to improve transit!

Do you go to and from Georgetown for work, school or recreation? What would improve your trip? Do you never go to Georgetown because it’s too difficult to get there? Tell us why! Your insight will help enhance access to Georgetown via Metrorail. Take our 6-minute questionnaire today.

This questionnaire is the first of two public questionnaires that the project team will conduct. Results from this questionnaire will be incorporated into the final draft of the Purpose and Need. The questionnaire is open through October 7th, 2021, and can be found in both English and Spanish here:

Please fill out the questionnaire and share with your network– the more input the better!

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