A Commitment to Education Excellence

The FC2 views the improvement of educational outcomes for D.C. students as one of its foremost priorities. With 90 percent of the District’s school age children in public schools, either in the DC Public Schools or public charter schools, the most important responsibility of the D.C. government is to administer the District’s education system.

D.C. is one of the fastest improving urban school systems in the country. The FC2 applauds and actively supports efforts to innovate and improve students’ readiness for college and the workforce.

FC2 leadership in education.

For more than 20 years, the FC2’s trustees have served as trusted partners for education improvement, working closely with local and federal stakeholders to ensure all students, regardless of where they live, are graduating from high school prepared for college, career and life.

Learn more about Education Reform

More information is available about the FC2’s Education Reform efforts in our FC2 newsletters and Catalyst magazines.