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Workforce Investment Council

The Workforce Investment Council (WIC) is the vehicle for strategic decisions about how the city invests in workforce development. Members of the WIC include representatives from the private sector, local business representatives, government officials, organized labor, youth community groups, and organizations with workforce investment experience. The WIC is responsible for developing a five-year strategic workforce investment plan for the District. The plan encourages the fostering of regional partnerships and support from surrounding jurisdictions, assessing the effectiveness of local and regional workforce investment activities, and assisting local and regional employers in meeting hiring needs. 

Under the leadership of FCC member Mike Harreld, Chairman of WIC, the Workforce Investment Council is focusing its attention on specific industries where demand is trending up, beginning with the Hospitality Industry. Industries under consideration for subsequent focus include the construction industry, office management, including IT support, and healthcare including home health aides.

Project Updates: 

[April 29th, 2013]

FCC trustees met Monday, April 29th to hear from Mike Harreld, Chairman of the DC Workforce investment Council, about the WIC and D.C.’s new Workforce Intermediary. Mike Harreld complimented the efforts of WIC Executive Director Allison Gerber to address long-standing federal compliance issues as a precursor to ultimate system redesign. Allison Gerber discussed the substantial gap between the skill set of many of our unemployed and the demands and needs of employers throughout the District. Allison also discussed the need to work more closely with private sector employees to establish evaluation measures for DC employment training programs.