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Infrastructure DC

Like many American cities, DC has struggled to adequately address the growing need to invest in its infrastructure. As the capacity of conventional, federally-supported mechanisms for infrastructure investment have become insufficient, local governments have sought new ways to meet growing infrastructure needs. With DC’s thriving economy and impressive urban transformation, long-term investments to renew and expand economic and social infrastructure will play a critical role in the District’s economic future and livability. To address this, the Federal City Council has incubated Infrastructure DC (IDC), an infrastructure development catalyst that seeks to accelerate investment in infrastructure through public-private partnerships. Incorporated on August 2, 2016, IDC selects opportunities that address one or more of the region’s critical infrastructure needs and support investments in transportation infrastructure, public facilities, green infrastructure, and technology/connectivity. 

The purpose of Infrastructure DC is to provide alternative financing and project delivery options for sustainable infrastructure projects in the District of Columbia metropolitan region. Given that barriers to private sector investment in US infrastructure exist due to the insurmountable amount of risk in traditional infrastructure development deal structures, IDC utilizes its innovative deal structure to provide a solution that mitigates these risks and facilitates an efficient marketplace for catalytic and strategic investments. IDC is uniquely positioned due to the Federal City Council’s history and relationships, and all of IDC’s projects that IDC pursues have a measurable community benefit, and project outcomes are tracked using pre-determined, project-specific metrics. 

IDC acts a trusted, non-profit resource for the public and private sector. IDC catalyzes innovative infrastructure projects that spur private sector investment, allocate life cycle project risks efficiently, and build performance-based goals into the design process. Through providing alternative financing and project delivery options for public infrastructure projects in the District of Columbia metropolitan region, IDC delivers high-performing projects that produce measurable financial, social, and environmental returns.

IDC’s Value Proposition

For investors:

  • Access to new bankable investment opportunities
  • Greater probability of project success due to IDC organizational capacity
  • Investment opportunities in impactful local projects

For public sector sponsors:

  • Access to capital to improve service, increase equity, and/or reduce costs
  • Greater flexibility and speed due to less restrictive procurement rules
  • Sponsor staff can remain focused on core responsibilities while IDC evaluates and develops projects
  • Risks shared with private sector

For developers:

  • New revenue streams
  • CSR/social impact of projects
  • IDC provides enhanced risk mitigation

IDC Board of Directors:

The Honorable Anthony A. Williams 
CEO and Executive Director, Federal City Council

Willy Walker 
Chairman and CEO, Walker and Dunlop

Carol Thompson Cole 
President & CEO of Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP)