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Cross-sector Collaboration Task Force – DCPS and Public Charter Schools


Created in 2015 to increase collaboration between DCPS and public charter schools, the Cross-sector Collaboration Task Force is co-chaired by mayoral-appointees Anthony Williams, CEO and Executive Director of FC2, and Jennie Niles, DC Deputy Mayor for Education. During its expected two-year tenure, the task force will examine cooperative opportunities around facilities, assessment data, communications to parents, mid-year transitions and solutions to issues such as adult and special education that require citywide collaboration. 

The 26-member task force includes DC Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson; Scott Pearson, Executive Director of the D.C. Public Charter School Board; State Superintendent of Education Hanseul Kang; school leaders from traditional and charter schools; and parents. 

DCPS operated more than 100 campuses and educates 56 percent of the District’s public school children. The DC Public Charter School Board oversees 63 charter organizations, with more than 100 campuses. Forty-four percent of the District’s public school students attend public charter schools. The task force will work over the next two years and conclude with a report to the Mayor, offering recommendations for improving the consistency of public education and increasing collaboration among traditional and charter schools.