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Anacostia Waterfront Trust

Activated as an FC2 initiative, the Anacostia Waterfront Trust is a new “social profit” organization created to advocate for and assist in the substantial improvement of the Anacostia River waterfront area.

Around the world, cities are transforming their old industrial or commercial waterfronts to become social, economic, educational, recreational and natural civic assets. Perhaps no other city in the world is as fortunate the District, to have a gentle, slow river through its center, which is already surrounded by more than 1,200 acres of public land. Yet despite substantial interest dating back to the 1901 McMillan Plan, real improvement of the area has been elusive.

Makeover of the Anacostia waterfront area requires simultaneous consideration of three core elements:
1.    adding amenities, programs, and capital investments to the public lands to attract residents and visitors; 
2.    accelerating the pace of water quality improvement in the river itself so the water becomes a safe recreational asset; and
3.    strengthening and linking the nearby communities to the enhanced park and river.

The Trust is committed to working with the entire spectrum of stakeholders, including Congress, the National Park Service and other federal agencies, the District government, along with the Montgomery and Prince Georges County governments, and a wide variety of other community interests to advance all of these considerations. In fact, one of the Trust’s early initiatives was to create the “Anacostia Park and Community Collaborative,” which is comprised of more than a dozen nonprofit organizations from all across the area and serves as a constituency for change. 

Ultimately, transforming the Anacostia River corridor into an attractive, active civic space in the heart of the District will enhance the social and economic future of the entire region.  There are few initiatives as challenging or as important to the District’s future, and FC2 is proud to have launched this effort.

For more information, please visit and help us spread the word by following the Trust on social media: Twitter - @anacostiawater and Facebook - Anacostia Waterfront Trust.

Project Updates: 

[January 15th, 2014]

As announced in October, the Federal City Council was awarded a generous grant by the Summit Fund of Washington to promote the revitalization of the Anacostia River and the areas near it. This work continues the Federal City Council's over 25 years of involvement in Anacostia issues. 

Great things have happened around the Anacostia over the past decade, but we are only beginning to create the ecological, recreational, cultural, social, and economic asset that the river has the potential to be as our Nation's Capital. The Federal City Council will work to accelerate the pace of toxic chemical and stormwater runoff cleanup while laying the groundwork for a major new nonprofit to support bringing residents, tourists, and investments to the Anacostia from Bladensburg to Buzzard's Point.

To accelerate the pace of cleaning up the legacy chemicals in and around the Anacostia, the Federal City Council has joined with six other local nonprofits to form United for a Healthy Anacostia River. United for a Healthy Anacostia River is already working  to educate audiences in DC about the toxics in the Anacostia River and to serve as champions for a comprehensive cleanup. It is rapidly expanding to include many more civic, environmental, business and community groups.